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CUPID-0: A double-readout cryogenic detector for Double Beta Decay search 2020
Biogás RIS3A: un proyecto para revalorizar el biogás procedente de residuos sólidos urbanos y agroindustriales. 2020
Conclusions and outlook 2020
‘Hubs-repelling’ Laplacian and related diffusion on graphs/networks 2020
Impact of Pre-Existing Immunity on Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine-Induced Cross-Protective Immunity 2020
The earliest datable noctilucent cloud observation (Parma, Italy, AD 1840) 2020
Targeting intrinsically disordered proteins involved in cancer 2020
The Green Side of the Water Cycle: New Advances in the Study of Plant Water Dynamics 2020
Towards a more effective climate policy on international trade 2020
Approaching isotropic transfer integrals in crystalline organic semiconductors 2020
COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Modeling the present, looking at the future. 2020
Promising nanomaterials in the fight against malaria 2020
Impact of immunoparesis on Gaucher disease (GD): Results from a network relationship analysis of data at diagnosis of the patients included in the Spanish registry of GD 2020
Ultrastrong coupling effects in molecular cavity QED 2020
Genealogies of contention in concentric circles Remote migration control and its Eurocentric geographical imaginaries 2020
High-throughput screening for intrinsically disordered proteins by using biophysical methods 2020
Risk-dependent centrality in economic and financial networks. 2020
The brain and inner ear of derived pterosaurs have similar morphometrics to those of birds 2020
Energy storage: Hybridization of Power-to-Gas Technology and Carbon Capture 2020
Global characterization of hydrological and meteorological droughts under future climate change: The importance of time-scales, vegetation-CO2 feedbacks and changes to distribution functions 2020