Title Yearsort ascending
Nuevas obligaciones en protección de datos 2017
Granzymes in the control of tumor immunity and inflammatory/autoimmune disorders: novel opportunities with old acquaintances 2017
Opposing roles of inflammatory and cytotoxic granzymes in ulcerative colitis and CRC development 2017
Immunotherapy in cancer, inflamatory and autoimmune diseases: restoring the delicate balance between protective immunity and self-damage 2016
The proactive role of water molecules in acceptor recognition by POFUT2 2016
Workshop on TEM practical examples I 2016
Calorimetric techniques for studying chaperonin assemblies 2016
Inmunoterapia y cáncer. Conceptos básicos 2016
The proactive role of water molecules in acceptor recognition by POFUT2 2016
Microscopía Electrónica de Transmisión (TEM): Fundamentos y Aplicaciones 2016
DSC in application to the studies of blood serum samples 2016
La identificación de los ciudadanos y la autenticación de los documentos en la administración electrónica 2016
Problemas legales y consecuencias en las tiendas virtuales. Casos reales: Marabico, Joyería María Isabel y Clicbaterías 2016
Principles of Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
Implantación de la administración electrónica. Colaboración con la administración local por parte de otras administraciones públicas 2016
Avances en genética de la reproducción 2016
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
Dynamic interplay between catalytic and lectin domains of GalNAc-transferases modulates protein O-glycosylation. 2015
ITC: Characterizing binding interactions in long linear polymers 2015
Inflammation induced by the serine-protease granzyme A in inflammatory/autoimmune disorders and host protection: a selective target to fight the dark side of inflammation? 2015