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Conferencias Invitadas UPM 2015
Calorimetry of protein-dependent biological systems 2014
The impact of R2P on the concepts of borders and sovereignty in 2015 2014
Imaging Nanoscale Phenomena In (Aberration Corrected) Transmission Electron Microscopy 2014
Power of Viral Vectors 2014
El método científico en la Red 2014
¿Qué demanda la ciudadanía de la administración electrónica? 2014
Rhodium N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysts for the Synthesis of High-Added Value Compounds: The Quest for Selectivity 2014
Implications of carotenoid-based coloration for sexual selection and population dynamics 2014
Novel negative and positive gating modulators of KCa3/2 channels and potential therapeutic utilities 2014
A mammalian trail for YY2? 2014
El conflicto entre el derecho a la información y los derechos de autor en la difusión del patrimonio cultural por Internet 2014
Control of quantum systems: (some) experiments and (some) theory 2014
La computación en la Ciencia 2014
El proyecto “Optimización de la contratación pública mediante la utilización de técnicas semánticas” 2014
Origin of strain-induced domain wall ferromagnetism in multiferroic TbMnO3 thin films 2014
Molecular mechanism of the polypeptide GalNAc transferases: Role of the lectin domains in catalysis. 2014
Scintillating bolometers for rare event physics 2014
B Contreras‐Moreira, A Sebastián and J van Helden (2014) RSAT::Plants, A Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools mirror for plant genome analysis 2014
Negative-gating modulation of KCa3/2 channels as new therapeutic strategy in lysosomal storage disease and inflammation 2014