Titlesort descending Year
Analysis of the impacts of the EU’s export refunds on developing countries since 2003 2010
"Non-toxic colloidal nanocrystals for solar cells and beyond" 2017
"teorías de integración europea”, y “gobernanza multinivel UE" 2011
"What could medical practice variations analysis contribute in informing disinvestment strategies?" 2012
20 years of human mtDNA pathologic point mutations: Carefully reading the pathogenicity criteria 2009
A mammalian trail for YY2? 2014
A new strategy to compatibilize polymer blends 1998
A tale of two fascinating signalling enzymes: CHOKalpha1 and PoFUT1 2012
A walk around the wonderful organocatalytic world 2008
Aberration Corrected TEM at the INA: new capabilities and first results 2010
Acción exterior de la UE; la UE en un sistema internacional en cambio 2011
Adaptive drugs: An integrated structural and thermodynamic approach 2006
AFM aplicado a sistemas biológicos: visualización, reconocimiento molecular y estudios nanomecánicos 2006
AFM en Biología. Nanolitografía de dip pen (AFM-DPN) 2012
Allogeneic activated human NK cells overcome multidrug resistance in hematological neo 2012
Allogeneic activated NK cells overcomes drug-resistance in CLL 2012
Allosteric activation of the Hepatitis C virus NS3 protease 2008
Allosteric inhibitors of the NS3 protease from the hepatitis C virus with a new action mechanism 2012
Allostery and cooperative interactions in proteins 2015
Analysis of protein-DNA interfaces as a tool for sequence annotation 2011