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Genome-wide association study of sperm traits in Assaf rams 2019
“The European Parliament and Turkey” 2019
Thermal Liquid Biopsy as a valuable tool in lung cancer screening programs 2019
Historia natural de los mamíferos fósiles y su registro en Aragón: Nuevos datos en el entorno de Teruel 2019
Alkaline Water Electrolysis technology operating dynamically, Case Study: Elyntegration project (FCH JU No. 671458) 2019
Genomic background of heat stress in Assaf sheep 2019
Atmospheric deposition in natural and anthropized environments of the north of Ecuador 2019
Role of MeCP2 intrinsically disordered regions in stability and DNA binding 2019
Catalytic Dual-Function Devices Against Cancer (CADENCE): first advances in modifying tumorous microenvironment 2019
Beta-lactams for Tuberculosis Treatment 2019
Release of sym-triazine and HCN during the thermal degradation of FA based hybrid perovskites at low T conditions 2019
The role of microRNAs in age-related remodeling of the human left ventricle 2019
Dirección del congreso internacional: III Conference on research in History of Photography. Stereoscopic or 3D photography, 19th and 20th centuries 2019
Leptin receptor LEPR gene is associated with reproductive seasonality in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed" 2019
En busca del caballo de Troya ideal para la terapia antitumoral 2019
Early meteorological records from Latin-America and first steps in Ecuador data rescue 2019
Trade-SCAN: an user-friendly Trade Supply Chain ANalysis tool 2019
Bioactive compounds as an alternative treatment for H. pylori infection 2019
Towards the elucidation of the rifampicin/beta-lactam synergy in mycobacteria 2019