Title Yearsort ascending
Study of the role of the W196 residue of the human apoptosis inducing factor 2019
Avicultura y Bienestar Animal: Principios, Paradigmas y Tendencias Sostenibles 2019
Impact of redox state on the interaction between Fur proteins of Anabaena PCC7120 2019
New methodologies to test antibiotic susceptibility against emerging pathogens in cystic fibrosis 2019
KCa3.1-overexpression in skin causes pruritic eczema and epidermal hyperplasi 2019
Linking biogeography and evolution: environmental variation and evolutionary dynamics of phenotypes in wild bird populations 2019
Role of MeCP2 intrinsically disordered regions in stability and DNA binding 2019
The role of microRNAs in age-related remodeling of the human left ventricle 2019
Bioactive compounds as an alternative treatment for H. pylori infection 2019
Physicochemical and sensory evaluation in apple diversity from mountainous areas in Spain 2019
Identification of inhibitors of Bacteroides fragilis toxin 2019
Genetic and environmental factors predictors of the modification of weight in subjects with overweight and obesity 2018
Controlling photoacoustics enhancement with DNA nanostructures 2018
Development of a SNP parentage assignment panel in some North-Eastern Spanish meat sheep breeds. 2018
Integrating regulation of metal homeostasis and redox-sensing by Fur-A and Fur-B (Zur) paralogs in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7120 2018
Moderador Mesa Redonda: "Estado actual del patrimonio fotográfico de Aragón, I Encuentro sobre el patrimonio fotográfico de Aragón, IEA, DPH, 15 noviembre de 2018. 2018
Le Parlement français et le conflit en Syrie 2018
Expanding One-pot Cell-free Protein Synthesis and immobilization for On-Demand Manufacturing of Biomaterials 2018
Fighting superbugs: New promising compounds against Helicobacter pylori 2018