Title Yearsort ascending
Discovery of new therapies for Buruli ulcer treatment 2017
Human allogenic NK cells overcome oncogenic mutations affecting cell proliferation and survival in colorectal cancer cells 2017
Processing of porous ceramic structures for efficient mass transport 2017
From antiapoptosis to detOXIfication: Stumblin' in! 2017
Brief Reports on: (1) Control for Quantum Optics Processes; and (2) Propagators for the time-dependent Kohn-Sham equations 2017
Defective Function of KCa3. 1 Channels in Lysosomal Storage Disorders 2017
The palaeoenvironment of the Middle Pleistocene archaeopalaeontological site of Fontana Ranuccio (Anagni, central Italy) and the implication for the human settlement 2017
The IPCs: What impact on the concept of civilian power Europe? 2017
Repurposing clinically approved cephalosporins for tuberculosis therapy 2017
Detección mediante PCR-dúplex a tiempo real y aislamiento de virus RHDV2/b durante un brote de enteropatía mucoide 2017
Niveles del plaguicida disruptor endocrino “lindano” en ganado ovino de una zona posiblemente contaminada. 2017
The use of natural compounds for antimicrobial food packaging 2017
Physical picture for mechanical dissociation of biological complexes 2017
Diseño de Protocolos de Testeo Acelerados para un Electrolizador Alcalino 2017
Screening of FDA-approved drugs library identifies potential inhibitors against Helicobacter pylori ArsR essential regulator 2017
Structural basis of mitochondrial dysfunction in response to cytochrome c phosphorylation 2017
Enzymes in Radiochemistry; An efficient solution for the point of care synthesis of 13N-radiotracers 2017
“The “Russian factor” in the European Parliament´s stances on international conflicts: the cases of Syria and Ukraine 2017
Multi-criteria methods for prioritizing wetland restoration and creation sites based on ecological, biophysical and socio-economic factors 2017
Molecular basis of the interaction of the human Apoptosis Inducing Factor with its nuclear partners 2017