Title Yearsort ascending
Bone histology and growth of deer: preliminary results from bone histology 2018
Cyclodextrin nanosponges as a new encapsulating agent for essential oils and their effectiveness against foodborne pathogens 2018
Duración del sueño y aterosclerosis subclínica: Estudio AWHS 2018
Physical models applied to drug discovery, epidemics and diagnostic 2018
Catalan parliamentary protodiplomacy and the right of self determination in the world: examples from Palestine, Kurdistan and the Western Sahara 2018
Nanomechanics of the redox complexes of the paradigmatic enzyme ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase 2018
Assessment of Soil Ecosystem Services in two Mediterranean Subwatershed with Intensive Agricultural Land Uses 2018
The Potential Land-use Impacts from Solar Energy 2018
Standarized Qualifying tests of electrolysers for grid services 2018
Suppression of superradiance by magnetic correlations 2018
Biophysical characterization of E336K mutant of the human apoptosis inducing factor 2018
Invited Talk: Emerging pathogenic roles of KCa3.1 channels in skin disease. 2018
Discovery and Development of Antimicrobials and Mechanisms of Drug Resistance 2018
Development of a SNP parentage assignment panel in some North-Eastern Spanish meat sheep breeds. 2018
Integrating regulation of metal homeostasis and redox-sensing by Fur-A and Fur-B (Zur) paralogs in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC7120 2018
Genetic and environmental factors predictors of the modification of weight in subjects with overweight and obesity 2018
Controlling photoacoustics enhancement with DNA nanostructures 2018
Moderador Mesa Redonda: "Estado actual del patrimonio fotográfico de Aragón, I Encuentro sobre el patrimonio fotográfico de Aragón, IEA, DPH, 15 noviembre de 2018. 2018
Le Parlement français et le conflit en Syrie 2018
Expanding One-pot Cell-free Protein Synthesis and immobilization for On-Demand Manufacturing of Biomaterials 2018