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Apoptosis induction in ectromelia (mouse pox) infected target cells is modulated by one or more gzmb-mediated pathways 2009
Apoptotic pathways are selectively activated by granzyme A and/or granzyme B in CTL-mediated target cell lysis 2005
Application of AMD to petrochemical analysis: improved separation and expanded Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis of heavy petroleum products 2014
Application of atomic force microscopy for the measurement of adhesion forces between carbohydrates 2000
Applications of isothermal titration calorimetry in the characterization of the energetics, and kinetics, of the interaction of amphiphiles with lipid bilayers 2013
Applying DNA nanotechnology to Photoacoustics Biomaging 2017
Applying TFmodeller to plant transcription factors: structural analysis and prediction of DNA motifs 2007
Aproximación experimental en la investigación de sistemas biológicos dependientes de proteínas 2011
Argumentación y decisiones modelizables 1997
Array of fluorophores using a high throughput, silica gel-based combinatorial platform for analyte fingerprinting and discrimination 2014
Array of fluorophores using a silica gel-based high-throughput combinatorial platform. Part II: chemometric treatment of results 2013
Array of fluorophores using a silica gel-based, high-throughput combinatorial platform 2013
Array of fluorophores using a silica gel-based, high-throughput combinatorial platform. Part I: instrumental device and measurement 2013
Artificial DNA membrane pores 2014
Artificially sinthesized chemical and magnetic structure at the domain walls of the epitaxial oxide TbMnO3 2015
Asociación del índice-TSH de Jostel que indica resistencia a las hormonas tiroideas con el síndrome metabólico 2018
Aspectos jurídicos de la custodia de documentos electrónicos 2017
Assessing Potential EU Trade Competitiveness from Abolition of the EU dairy Quota 2016
Assessing the age-related relationship between plasma anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) and ovarian follicle population in prepubertal ewes. 2016
Assessment of bacterial physiology and plasmid stability: application to plasmid DNA production by Escherichia coli 2009