Title Yearsort ascending
Elyntegration final project results 2019
Genome-wide association study (GWAS) identifies the FecXGr allele in BMP15 segregating in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed 2019
Identification of inhibitors of Bacteroides fragilis toxin 2019
The dominant environmental driver of leaf water stable isotope enrichment differs for 2H compared to 18O 2019
Triple oral beta-lactam containing therapy for Buruli ulcer treatment shortening 2019
Specific transfer of hollow gold nanoparticles within exosomes is determined by the exosome origin 2019
Placental MSCs and their derivatives as vehicles for the Na/I symporter (hNIS): A new antitumoral therapy. 2019
Spin dynamics of Dy2 molecules deposited onto micro-SQUID sensors 2019
Sanfetrinem, repurposing an oral beta-lactam with intracellular activity for the treatment of tuberculosis 2019
European parliamentary networks in the scrutiny of security policy-making 2019
Histological characterization of age-related remodeling in human left ventricle by second harmonic generation and lipofuscin content. 2019
Ponencia invitada: "Aragón en la fotografía estereoscópica de los hermanos Júdez", III Conference on research in History of Photography. Stereoscopic or 3D photography, 19th and 20th centuries, IFC, Zaragoza, 24 de octubre de 2019. 2019
Global distribution of functional groups of soil fauna across biomes 2019
En busca del Caballo de troya ideal para la terapia antitumoral 2019
Marker assisted selection in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed by using a SNP panel for parentage assigment 2019
Molecular approach to the role of hAIF:CHCHD4 interaction in the Oxphos assembly and function 2019
Impact of drought variability on remote sensing vegetation activity in Spain: a high spatial resolution analysis from 1981 to 2015 2019
Analysis of the distributional impacts of the Spanish climate and energy policy using a Dynamic-econometric IO model 2019
Genetic and environmental factors predictors of the modification of weight in subjects with overweight and obesity 2018
Molecular mechanism of Protein Glycosyltransferases 2018