Title Yearsort ascending
Cyprus as an EU member state 2018
The European Union, the European Parliament and the Conflict in Syria 2018
La diplomacia parlamentaria: el papel de los Parlamentos en el mundo 2018
The French Parliament and the conflict in Syria 2018
Mapping IPIs in the Mediterranean: what next? 2018
Speaker, roundtable 2018
Catalan parliamentary protodiplomacy and the right of self determination in the world: examples from Palestine, Kurdistan and the Western Sahara 2018
Le Parlement français et le conflit en Syrie 2018
EP and drones 2017
Diplomacia parlamentaria y R2P (responsabilidad de proteger): rompiendo las fronteras de los conceptos tradicionales de soberanía y diplomacia 2017
Protoparadiplomacia parlamentaria catalana y el derecho a la autodeterminación de los pueblos: los casos palestino, saharui y kurdo 2017
Drones and Targeted Killings: what Role for EU Parliamentary Scrutiny? 2017
The Europeanization of the Hellenic Parliament’s role in foreign policy revisited: de-Europeanization or just more superficial Europeanization? 2017
The IPCs: What impact on the concept of civilian power Europe? 2017
“The “Russian factor” in the European Parliament´s stances on international conflicts: the cases of Syria and Ukraine 2017
Speaker, Inaugural Public event/round table discussion on “The Mediterranean in 2017” 2017
Inter-parliamentary cooperation and EU external representation: what role for the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the CFSP/CSDP? 2016
Greek parliamentary diplomacy 2016
French and British Parliaments reactions to the Libyan and Syrian conflicts 2016
Análisis de Política Exterior: Estudio de Caso en la Políticas Exteriores de España y Grecia 2015