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EUROPEAN NON-STATE (F)ACTORS AND THE ´ARAB SPRING´ - Assessing parliamentary inputs and media coverage(s) during the 2011 international military intervention in the Libyan conflict 2012
The Europeanization of Spanish Foreign Policy: a critical review 2012
Parliamentary diplomacy and conflict resolution: The European Parliament´s reaction to the 2011 military action in Libya 2012
Discussant, panel on The Impact of The Economic and Financial Crisis on the (De-)Europeanization of National Foreign Policies: Examples from Mediterranean Countries 2013
Cosmopolitanism and the Democratization of World Society: What role for International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs)? 2013
The role of International Parliamentary Institutions in the building of democratic and responsible multi-level and multi-actor global governance: examples from the EU´s external dimension, the Euro-Mediterranean region and birregional EU-Latin American st 2013
´Post-conflict Libya reconstruction and reconciliation: what role for Europe´s paradiplomatic and parliamentary actors?´ 2013
Multi-level parliamentary diplomacy: what role for the EU´s interregional parliamentary assemblies? 2013
discussant 2013
The EP as an international actor 2013
´The crisis in Syria: What role(s) for the European Union and the European Parliament´ [n Greek] 2013
The contribution of parliamentary diplomacy to Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the Mediterranean: The European Parliament and Libya 2013
Diplomacia parlamentaria multi-nivel: el papel de las instituciones interparlamentarias interregionales de la Unión Europea 2013
Do members of the European Parliament share the same geopolitical view of the Mediterranean? 2013
invited participant 2014
The European Parliament, R2P and Libya 2014
The Europeanization of foreign policies and the international crisis in context: old and new conceptual and theoretical puzzles 2014
mesa redonda presidencia griega UE 2014 2014
Post-Lisbon Democratic Control and Legitimacy of EU Foreign Policy 2014
The parliamentary dimension of EU external affairs during the 2014 Greek Presidency 2014