Title Yearsort ascending
La diplomacia parlamentaria: el papel de los Parlamentos en el mundo 2018
The French Parliament and the conflict in Syria 2018
Mapping IPIs in the Mediterranean: what next? 2018
Speaker, roundtable 2018
Catalan parliamentary protodiplomacy and the right of self determination in the world: examples from Palestine, Kurdistan and the Western Sahara 2018
Le Parlement français et le conflit en Syrie 2018
Cyprus as an EU member state 2018
The European Union, the European Parliament and the Conflict in Syria 2018
The Europeanization of the Hellenic Parliament’s role in foreign policy revisited: de-Europeanization or just more superficial Europeanization? 2017
The IPCs: What impact on the concept of civilian power Europe? 2017
“The “Russian factor” in the European Parliament´s stances on international conflicts: the cases of Syria and Ukraine 2017
Speaker, Inaugural Public event/round table discussion on “The Mediterranean in 2017” 2017
EP and drones 2017
Diplomacia parlamentaria y R2P (responsabilidad de proteger): rompiendo las fronteras de los conceptos tradicionales de soberanía y diplomacia 2017
Protoparadiplomacia parlamentaria catalana y el derecho a la autodeterminación de los pueblos: los casos palestino, saharui y kurdo 2017
Drones and Targeted Killings: what Role for EU Parliamentary Scrutiny? 2017
French and British Parliaments reactions to the Libyan and Syrian conflicts 2016
Inter-parliamentary cooperation and EU external representation: what role for the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the CFSP/CSDP? 2016
Greek parliamentary diplomacy 2016
Small States in the EU: Cyprus and Malta 2015