Title Yearsort ascending
EU small state security dilemma and the EU´s responsiveness: Cyprus and Malta in the EU 2015
Análisis de Política Exterior: Estudio de Caso en la Políticas Exteriores de España y Grecia 2015
politica exterior griega 2015
The Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat)”, Panel on “Paradiplomacy and parliamentary diplomacy in Euro-Latin American relations 2015
Small States in the EU: Cyprus and Malta 2015
R2P in Libya and Syria: what role for the European Parliament, the French Parliament, and the British Parliament? 2015
Responsibility to Protect and the Arab Spring: what future for parliamentary diplomacy? 2015
The European Parliament, R2P and Libya 2014
The Europeanization of foreign policies and the international crisis in context: old and new conceptual and theoretical puzzles 2014
mesa redonda presidencia griega UE 2014 2014
Post-Lisbon Democratic Control and Legitimacy of EU Foreign Policy 2014
The parliamentary dimension of EU external affairs during the 2014 Greek Presidency 2014
The parliamentary dimension of (inter-)regional EU relations with the Mediterranean: does the European Parliament promote its security priorities efficiently through the UfM-Parliamentary Assembly? 2014
invited participant 2014
Fronteras, soberanía y nuevos conceptos internacionales: la responsabilidad de proteger (R2P) 2014
Inter-parliamentary Conferences in the EU and Inter-parliamentary Assemblies: which international role for MPs? 2014
invited expert speaker 2014
invited participant 2014
Cosmopolitanism and the Democratization of World Society: What role for International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs)? 2013
The role of International Parliamentary Institutions in the building of democratic and responsible multi-level and multi-actor global governance: examples from the EU´s external dimension, the Euro-Mediterranean region and birregional EU-Latin American st 2013