Title Yearsort ascending
Soil organisms: allies for enhancing sustainable use of soils and climate change adaptation 2020
Global distribution of functional groups of soil fauna across biomes 2019
A new approach to estimate the saturated hydraulic conductivity in soils affected by soil hydrophobic phenomenon 2018
Prioritizing sites for ecological restoration based on ecosystem services 2018
Assessment of Soil Ecosystem Services in two Mediterranean Subwatershed with Intensive Agricultural Land Uses 2018
ES1406 COST Action: Soil fauna: Key to Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Fertility. How far have we got? 2018
Assessment of soil fauna footprints in a rehabilitated coal mine through micromorphology and near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) analyses 2017
Multi-criteria methods for prioritizing wetland restoration and creation sites based on ecological, biophysical and socio-economic factors 2017
Assessment of organic matter as indicator of soil enrichment in a Mediterranean subwatershed with intensive agricultural land uses 2017
Soil fauna: key to soil organic matter dynamics and fertility 2016
Multi-scale spatial analysis of tropical earthworm assemblages – Biotic interactions and environmental drivers 2016
Modeling the impact of soil fauna on soil organic matter dynamics 2016
Soil fauna: key to soil organic matter dynamics and modelling 2015
Spatial patterns of soil ecosystem engineers’ functional domains determine ecosystem function 2015
Changes in soil chemistry and soil microbial biomass after shrub encroachment in the Spanish Pyrenees 2015
Soil fauna: key to soil organic matter dynamics and modelling 2015
Shrub encroachment changes soil chemistry and soil microbial biomass of abandoned pastures from the Pyrenees 2015
Integrating scales and LTER methods to better understand the overall dynamics of a mountain protected space: the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park 2015
Multi-scale competitive spatial interactions of soil invertebrate assemblages 2015
Restoring wetlands to remove agricultural pollution in surface waters: assessment and monitoring through partial triadic analysis (PTA) 2015