Title Yearsort ascending
Elyntegration final project results 2019
Effect on the system of alkaline water electroysers following dynamic operation patterns in view of grid balancing services 2019
Hydrogen Territories/Valleys: a pilot for Europe 2019
Perspectives and challenges of advanced alkaline water electrolysers providing grid services-lifetime assessment of novel materials and components 2019
Alkaline Water Electrolysis technology operating dynamically, Case Study: Elyntegration project (FCH JU No. 671458) 2019
Design and validation of traceable method for accurate hydrogen mass measurement with metal hydrides 2018
Impact of dynamic operation in the degradation of alkaline water electrolyser providing grid services 2018
Elyntegration- project overview 2018
Energy conversion and storage technologies for the new paradigm based on sustainability: challenges, research and status 2018
Accelerated stress tests for AEL 2018
Lifetime assessment of novel membranes for water electrolysis technology providing grid services 2018
Test protocols for accelerated in situ degradation of alkaline water electrolysis under dynamic operating conditions 2018
Standarized Qualifying tests of electrolysers for grid services 2018
Biomimetic porous hierarchical ceramics for energy applications 2018
Presentación del proyecto de metrología: 15NRM03 Hydrogen 2017
Processing of porous ceramic structures for efficient mass transport 2017
Diseño de Protocolos de Testeo Acelerados para un Electrolizador Alcalino 2017
Development of porous electrodes with tailored microstructure for high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis cells (HTP-AEC) 2017
Presentación del proyecto QualyGridS: Test estandarizados para la cualificación de electrolizadores desarrollando servicios de red 2017
Development of novel high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis cells 2017