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[Leigh syndrome caused by the mitochondrial DNA G14459A mutation in a Mexican family] 2009
[Libro:] El Arte Público a través de su documentación gráfica y literaria. Homenaje a Manuel García Guatas 2015
[Libro:] I Jornadas sobre Investigación en Historia de la Fotografía. 1839-1939: Un siglo de fotografía / I Conference on research in history of photography. 1839.1939: A century of photography 2017
[Libro:] Primeros tiempos de la fotografía en Zaragoza. Formatos "carte de visite" y "cabinet card" 2010
[Libro:] Zaragoza en la mirada ajena. Instantáneas del Archivo Roger Viollet, París. J. Lévy et Cie, 1889 2012
[Libro:] Zaragoza estereoscópica. Fotografía profesional y comercial, 1850 - 1970 2016
[Libro:] Zaragoza, años veinte. 81 fotografías de Roisin (1925-1931) 2014
[Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) with the A3243G mutation of the tRNALeu(UUR) gene of mtDNA in native American haplogroup B2] 2007
´Conclusiones´ 2012
´Conclusions: international role and impact of the European Parliament´ 2015
´Conclusions´ 2013
´Cyprus - The limits of European Solidarity with a small member state´ 2013
´EU national Parliaments and the recognition of Palestine: “Really” breaking new ground or “just” adding further support?´ 2016
´EUROLAT: la dimensión parlamentaria de las relaciones UE-América Latina y Caribe´ 2012
´Introducción´ 2012
´Introduction: Regional integration, globalization and democracy´ 2013
´Parliamentary Diplomacy Uncovered: European and Global Perspectives´ 2016
´Re-Assessing the Claim of a “Successful Europeanization” of Spanish Foreign Policy: Conceptual and Empirical Criticisms´ 2013
´The European Parliament and Interregional Dialogue: the Case of Responsibility to Protect´ 2015
´The European Parliament´s contribution to the R2P debate: lessons from the Libyan and Syrian conflicts´ 2016