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Multifractality in spin glasses 2024
Targeted Community Merging provides an efficient comparison between collaboration clusters and departmental partitions. 2023
Memory and rejuvenation effects in spin glasses are governed by more than one length scale. 2023
Superposition principle and nonlinear response in spin glasses 2023
Temperature chaos is present in off-equilibrium spin-glass dynamics 2021
Spin-glass dynamics in the presence of a magnetic field: exploration of microscopic properties 2021
Analyzing the potential impact of BREXIT on the European research collaboration network 2020
Scaling law describes the spin-glass response in theory, experiments, and simulations 2020
Identification of risk features for complication in Gaucher''s disease patients: A machine learning analysis of the Spanish registry of Gaucher disease 2020
Impact of immunoparesis on Gaucher disease (GD): Results from a network relationship analysis of data at diagnosis of the patients included in the Spanish registry of GD 2020
Leaders among the leaders in Economics: a network analysis of the Nobel Prize laureates 2020
Use of open data to improve automobile insurance premium rating 2019
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the use of Twitter as a tool of antimicrobial stewardship 2019
The Mpemba effect in spin glasses is a persistent memory effect 2019
Do researchers collaborate in a similar way to publish and to develop projects? 2019
Network analysis to measure academic performance in economics 2018
Medición y análisis de la audiencia social de las televisiones autonómicas en Facebook y Twitter 2018
Aging Rate of Spin Glasses from Simulations Matches Experiments 2018
A statics-dynamics equivalence through the fluctuation–dissipation ratio provides a window into the spin-glass phase from nonequilibrium measurements 2017
Matching microscopic and macroscopic responses in glasses 2017