Title Yearsort descending
Inverse Symmetry Breaking on the lattice: an accurate MC study 1999
Structural and Dynamical Patterns on Online Social Networks: the Spanish May 15th Movement as a case study 2011
Sample-to-sample fluctuations of the overlap distributions in the three-dimensional Edwards-Anderson spin glass 2011
Thermodynamic glass transition in a spin glass without time-reversal symmetry 2012
Reconfigurable computing for Monte Carlo simulations: Results and prospects of the Janus project 2012
Critical parameters of the three-dimensional Ising spin glass 2013
The Janus project: Boosting spin-glass simulations using FPGAs 2013
Spin glass simulations on the Janus architecture: A desperate quest for strong scaling 2013
An FPGA-based supercomputer for Statistical Physics: the weird case of Janus 2013
Dynamical transition in the D=3 Edwards-Anderson spin glass in an external magnetic field 2014
Janus II: A new generation application-driven computer for spin-system simulations 2014
The three-dimensional Ising spin glass in an external magnetic field: The role of the silent majority 2014
Analysis of academic productivity based on Complex Networks 2015
Matching microscopic and macroscopic responses in glasses 2017
A statics-dynamics equivalence through the fluctuation–dissipation ratio provides a window into the spin-glass phase from nonequilibrium measurements 2017
Network analysis to measure academic performance in economics 2018
Medición y análisis de la audiencia social de las televisiones autonómicas en Facebook y Twitter 2018
Aging Rate of Spin Glasses from Simulations Matches Experiments 2018
Do researchers collaborate in a similar way to publish and to develop projects? 2019
Use of open data to improve automobile insurance premium rating 2019