Title Yearsort ascending
A new technique for decoupling the host and nuclear spectra of type I AGNs using integral field spectroscopy 2006
Do inhaled carbon nanoparticles translocate directly into the circulation in man? 2006
Seeing the Sky through Hubble's Eye: The COSMOS SkyWalker 2006
[Diseases of the human mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system] 2006
The evolution of QSO host colours 2006
A weak lensing estimate from GEMS of the virial to stellar mass ratio in massive galaxies to z ~ 0.8 2006
Effect of an intrauterine device on the gene expression profile of the endometrium. 2006
Enfermedades metabólicas por alteración del DNA mitocondrial 2006
VIMOS-VLT and Spitzer observations of a radio galaxy at z= 2.5* 2006
A jet-cloud interaction in the 3C 196 environment 2006
Dry Mergers in GEMS: The Dynamical Evolution of Massive Early-Type Galaxies 2006
Cementitious Composites of Pulverized Fly Ash and Blast Furnace Slag Activated by Sodium Silicate: Effect of Na2O Concentration and Modulus 2006
Recurrence of the Blue Wing Enhancements in the High-Ionization Lines of SDSS 1004+4112A 2006
Adaptive selection of mitochondrial complex I subunits during primate radiation. 2006
Highly Enantioselective Phase-Transfer-Catalyzed aza-Henry Reaction 2006
Enantioselective Aza-Henry Reaction Using Cinchona Organocatalysts 2006
An Explanation for the Observed Weak Size Evolution of Disk Galaxies 2006
octopus: a tool for the application of time-dependent density functional theory 2006
GRB 060605, observations using an integral field unit. 2006
Mitochondrial genetic variability of North Morocco population 2006