Title Yearsort ascending
Allenylidene–Ruthenium–Arene Precatalyst for Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerisation (ROMP) 2002
Fibroblast growth factor homologous factors and the Island Brain-2 scaffold protein regulate activation of stress-activated protein kinase 2002
Propuesta de microrreservas vegetales. Una alternativa para la conservación de líquenes en la Comunidad Valenciana. 2001
Taxonomic study of Linaria depauperata and Linaria supina groups in Eastern Spain. 2001
Gold glyconanoparticles as water-soluble polyvalent models to study carbohydrate interactions 2001
Synthesis and Characterization of new double Tungstates, Li2MII(WO4)2 (M = Co, Ni and Cu) 2001
Limits on Dust Extinction in B3 QSOS 2001
Electronic documents in legal works 2001
A Quick and More Sensitive Method to Identify Pork in Processed and Unprocessed Food by PCR Amplification of a New Specific DNA Fragment. 2001
Magnetocaloric effect in Tb5(SixGe1-x)4 2001
QTLs en mejora genética porcina. 2001
Utilización de la biotecnología genética para la detección de fraudes alimentarios. 2001
Giant magnetoresistance in the Ge-rich magnetocaloric compound Gd5(Si0.1Ge0.9)4 2001
Datos sobre la pteridoflora subespontánea ibérica: Cyrtomium falcatum (Dryopteridaceae) y Nephrolepis cordifolia (Nephrolepidaceae). 2001
Modelo de conservación de la flora briológica en la Comunidad Valenciana: Microrreservas de Flora Criptogámica 2001
The host galaxies of intermediate and high redshift radio quasars 2001
Analysis of early promoters of the Bacillus bacteriophage GA-1. 2001
Novel inhibitors of Leishmanial dihydrofolate reductase. 2001
Association between seminal plasma carnitine and sperm mitochondrial enzymatic activities. 2001
Phi29 family of phages. 2001