Title Yearsort ascending
Seguridad, confidencialidad y acceso público en el correo electrónico de las administraciones públicas 1995
The construction of a documented solution system for legal cases in the area of environmental law 1995
Elaboración de un plan estratégico para la implantación del correo electrónico en la Diputación General de Aragón 1995
Glycobiology of signal transduction 1995
Determination of 34S: 32S Ratios by FTIR Spectroscopy 1995
Manual de iniciación a la informática judicial 1995
Size-frequency relation of earthquakes in load-transfer models of fracture 1995
The Coulomb-Higgs transition of the three parameter U(1)-Higgs model 1995
Computers programs for lawyers: an adecuated tool for Systems Research 1994
Characterization of a negative retinoic acid response element in the murine Oct4 promoter 1994
Plasma levels of nitrates in patients with Parkinson’s disease 1994
Impact of land management on soil macrofauna in the Oriental Llanos of Colombia 1994
El concepto de Derecho. De la argumentación a la comunicación 1993
The computer application Herbar 2.0: Management of “Jaca” herbarium data 1993
Matrim, an expert system on marital law 1993
The U(1)-Higgs model: Study of the Confining-Higgs Transition 1993
Solvable Fracture Model with Local Load Transfer 1993
Instanton-Like Contributions to the Dynamics of Yang-Mills Fields on the Twisted Torus 1993
The U(1)-Higgs model: Critical behaviour in the Confining-Higgs region 1993