1st ELECMI International Workshop on Advanced Microscopies

ICTS (acronym from Instalación Científico Técnica Singular) are facilities, resources, equipment and services, unique in its kind, and dedicated to cutting edge high quality research and development, to promote transfer, exchange and preservation of knowledge, technology and innovation. In 2014 the CNME (National Center for Electron Microscopy) that belongs to the University Complutense of Madrid and the LMA (Advanced Microscopy Laboratory) that belongs to the University of Zaragoza were recognized as a distributed ICTS, called ELECMI, by the Executive Committee of the Council of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy (CPCTI) of Spain. In particular, ELECMI provides competitive access to Electron Microscopy instruments as well as associated characterization techniques of materials along with support and sound advice based on the technical skills and expertise from our specialist team.

In 2015 ELECMI was awarded with a National Grant from MINECO (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness). The objective of the project funded by MINECO, grant number MAT2015-70977-REDI, is to establish and implement a roadmap leading to provide competitive access to ELECMI, which will be unique, simple and open both to public and private research centers, and to industry. The beneficiaries will have the opportunity to perform experiments with last-generation equipment, triggering I+D+i in our country and giving rise to transnational cooperation which will place our country’s electron microscopy in the World’s map. The actions foreseen include training of new microscopists, knowledge transfer to industry and acquisition of new infrastructure as well as the organization of scientific events, courses, summer schools and workshops searching for new alliances and consolidating the existing ones looking for international leadership in transnational consortia, acting as a catalyzing cluster of new microscopy initiatives (nodes), etc.

The aim of the 1st ELECMI International Workshop is to be an excellence international forum for the promotion of Advanced Microscopies, strengthening of already existing collaborations and laying the foundations for new ones. To achieve this objective representative scientists working at the forefront of materials fabrication and characterization will present their latest results and reflections on the future of Electron Microscopy and associated techniques. The workshop is divided into three interrelated sections, namely Transmission Electron Microscopy on the 12th of June, Dual Beam on the 13th of June and finally Scanning Probe Microscopies on the 14th of June.

The venue for the 1st ELECMI International Workshop is the Laboratory of Advanced Microscopies (LMA) located in the city of Zaragoza. You may find detailed information on the city in the About Zaragoza section above.

Attendance to this workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory to help organizers with the logistics.