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Eating your greens: a global sustainability assessment 2021
The omnipresence of transboundary effects: A global, systemic, model based approach for analysing the SDGs 2021
Getting your hands dirty: A data digging exercise to unearth the EU's bio-based chemical sector 2021
Bio-based value chains for chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals: A comparison of bio-based and fossil based value chains 2021
European Union Agricultural Support 'Coupling' in Simulation Modelling: Measuring the Sustainability Impacts 2021
Living at the water’s edge: A world-wide econometric panel estimation of arable water footprint drivers 2020
Snakes and ladders: World development pathway’s synergies and trade-offs through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals 2020
Constructing an open access economy-wide database for bioeconomy impact assessment in the European Union member states 2020
Brexit: Potential impacts on the economic welfare of UK farm households 2020
Development of a bioeconomy monitoring framework for the European Union: An integrative and collaborative approach 2020
Melitz Meets Milk: The Impact of Quota Abolition on EU Dairy Export Competitiveness 2019
Levelling the Playing Field for EU Biomass Usage 2019
How might UK Agriculture Thrive or Survive? 2019
Economic Impacts of a Low Carbon Economy on Global Agriculture: The Bumpy Road to Paris 2019
Waste not, want not: A bioeconomic assessment of household food waste reductions in the EU 2019
Alternate Global Transition Pathways to 2050: Prospects for the Bioeconomy - An application of the MAGNET model with SDG insights 2019
A synergy between the biophysical and the economic: Assessing the global market impacts of soil erosion 2019
Assessing the Impacts of the EU Bioeconomy on Third Countries 2019
CGE Models in Environmental Policy Analysis: A Review and Spanish Case Study 2018
A Foresight Study of European East-West Agrifood Trade Options 2018