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Structural basis for substrate specificity and catalysis of α1,6-fucosyltransferase Ana García-García, Laura Ceballos-Laita, Sonia Serna, Raik Artschwager, Niels C. Reichardt, Francisco Corzana & Ramon Hurtado-Guerrero* Nature Communications volume 11, Article number: 973 (2020) * corresponding author
Fabián Guerrero, Lorena Espinoza, Nicolas Ripoll, Pilar Lisbona, Inmaculada Arauzo, Mario Toledo, Syngas production from the reforming of typical biogas compositions in an inert porous media reactor, Frontiers in Chemistry - In press (2020)
Cerro J.C. , Cerdà V., Querol X., Alastuey A., Bujosa C., Pey J. (2020). Variability of air pollutants, and PM composition and sources at a regional background site in the Balearic Islands: Review of western Mediterranean phenomenology from a 3-year study. Science of The Total Environment, 717, 137177.
Ruben Canton-Vitoria, Yuman Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza, Bernard Humbert, Raul Arenal*, Chris Ewels*, Nikos Tagmatarchis*, Nanomaterials (2020).
Claudia Backes, Amor M. Abdelkader, Concepción Alonso, Amandine Andrieux, Raul Arenal, et al., 2D Mat. 7 (2020).

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