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San-Jose Peñalver-Alcázar Huyghe Breedveld & Fitze, In Press. Inter-class competition in stage-structured populations: Effects of adult density on life-history traits of adult and juvenile common lizards. Oecologia. In Press
Breedveld, San-Jose, Romero-Diaz, Roldan & Fitze (2016). Mate availability affects the conflict between producing one ormultiple annual clutches. Animal Behaviour in press
Forcén R, Latorre E, Pardo J, Alcalde AI, Murillo MD, Grasa L. Toll like receptors 2 and 4 exert opposite effects on the contractile response induced by serotonin in mouse colon: role of serotonin receptors. Experimental Physiology, 2016, Aug 1;101(8):1064-74.

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