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Causapé, J., Pey, J., Orellana-Macías, J.M., Reyes, J. (2021). Influence of hail suppression systems over silver content in the environment in Aragón (Spain). I: Rainfall and soils. Science of the Total Environment, 147220,
Lakhssassi, K., Lahoz, B., Sarto, P., Iguácel, L.P. , Folch, J., Alabart, J.L., Serrano, M., Calvo, J. H. 2021. Genome-Wide Association Study Demonstrates the Role Played by the CD226 Gene in Rasa Aragonesa Sheep Reproductive Seasonality. Animals 11: 1171
F. Rivero-Rodriguez, A. Diaz-Quintana, A. Velazquez-Cruz, K. Gonzalez-Arzola, M.P. Gavilan, A. Velazquez-Campoy, R.M. Rios, M.A. De la Rosa, I. Diaz-Moreno. Inhibition of the PP2A activity by the histone chaperone ANP32B is long-range allosterically regulated by respiratory cytochrome c. Redox Biology 2021, 43:101967
C. Elena-Real, K. Gonzalez-Arzola, G. Perez-Mejias, A. Diaz-Quintana, A. Velazquez-Campoy, B. Desvoyes, C. Gutierrez, M. De la Rosa, I. Diaz-Moreno. Proposed mechanism for regulation of H2O2-induced programmed cell death in plants by binding of cytochrome c to 14-3-3 proteins. The Plant Journal 2021, 106:74-85
Kevin Sartori, Anamaria Musat, Fadi Choueikani, Jean Marc Greneche, Simon Hettler, Peter Bencok, Sylvie Begin-Colin, Paul Steadman, Raul Arenal, Benoit Pichon*, “A Detailed Investigation of the Onion Structure of Exchanged Coupled Magnetic Fe3-δO4@CoFe2O4@Fe3-δO4 Nanoparticles”, Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 16784-16800 (2021).

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