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L.González-Calvo, E. Dervishi, M. Joy, P. Sarto, R. Martin-Hernandez, M. Serrano, J. M. Ordovás, J.H. Calvo. Genome-wide expression profiling in muscle and subcutaneous fat of lambs in response to the intake of concentrate supplemented with vitamin E. BMC genomics 18:92. DOI 10.1186/s12864-016-3405-8
R. Claveria-Gimeno, P.M. Lanuza, I. Morales-Chueca, O.C. Jorge, S. Vega, O. Abian, M. Esteller, A. Velazquez-Campoy. The intervening domain from MeCP2 enhances the DNA affinity of the methyl binding domain and provides an independent DNA interaction site. Scientific Reports 2017, 7:41635
Vidal-García M, Sáncehez-Chueca P, Domingo MP, Ballester C, Roc L, Ferrer I, Revillo MJ, Pardo J, Gálvez EM, Rezusta A Disseminated aspergillosis in an immunocompetent patient with detectable bis(methylthio)gliotoxin and negative galactomannan. Revista Iberoamericana de Micología Dec 2016..
Arias MA, Santiago L, Costas-Ramon S, Jaime-Sanchez P, Freudenberg M, Jimenez de Bagues MP and Pardo J. Toll-Like Receptors 2 and 4 Cooperate in the Control of the Emerging Pathogen Brucella microti. Frontiers in Cell. and Infect. Microbiol. 2017. 6
Latorre E, Layunta E, Grasa L, Castro M, Pardo J, Gomollon F, Alcalde AI and Mesonero JE. Intestinal Serotonin Transporter Inhibition by Toll-Like Receptor 2 Activation. A Feedback Modulation. PLOs One 2016

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