Title Yearsort ascending
Processing of porous ceramic structures for efficient mass transport 2017
Sistemas de archivos judiciales autonómicos: gestión y valoración de documentos judiciales en el entorno electrónico 2017
The bifunctional FAD synthetase of the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae 2017
Granzyme A contributes to pathogenesis of polymicrobial experimental sepsis induced by cecal ligation and puncture. 2017
Kinetics and thermodynamics in ligand binding as FMN production determinants in bifunctional FAD synthetases 2017
Comportamiento de las audiencias en redes sociales: Análisis de Facebook y Twitter para el caso de las televisiones autonómicas 2017
3D structure prediction and AFM morphology study of human FAD synthase (isoform 2) 2017
Applying DNA nanotechnology to Photoacoustics Biomaging 2017
Screening of FDA-approved drugs library identifies potential inhibitors against Helicobacter pylori ArsR essential regulator 2017
Human SET/TAF-Iβ and plant NRP1 are similarly inhibited by cytochrome c in the cell nucleus 2017
Homologous histone chaperones human SET/TAF-Iβ and plant NRP1: Similarly inhibited by cytochrome c in cell nucleus 2017
The D2AMR group: Discovery and development of Antimicrobials and Mechanisms of drug Resistance 2017
Spin glass interfacial state in strained La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films 2016
Multi-scale spatial analysis of tropical earthworm assemblages – Biotic interactions and environmental drivers 2016
Linking three market models to project Russian and Ukrainian wheat markets till 2030 2016
How molecules form transient complexes in photosynthesis and respiration 2016
On the Challenges of Developing High-Performance Porous Ceramic Structures 2016
Assessing the age-related relationship between plasma anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) and ovarian follicle population in prepubertal ewes. 2016
Structural basis for inhibition of the histone chaperone activity of SET/TAF-Ibeta by cytochrome c 2016
Three-Dimensional Co/Pt and Fe/Pt Core-Shell Ferromagnetic Nanowires Grown by Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition 2016