Title Yearsort ascending
Novel gating modulators of KCa3.1 channels and therapeutic perspectives 2016
Analysis of Structural Patterns in highly disaggregated bio-based sectors on EU Member State level with IO Multipliers 2016
The Spanish TEM Network 2016
Minimal photonics with Waveguide QED 2016
Immunogenicity of cytotoxic T cell-mediated cell death during cancer immunotherapy and its regulation by mutations associated with apoptosis resistance 2016
DSC applied to the study of blood serum samples 2016
Asymmetric dual phase 10Sc1YSZ-MnCo2O4 oxygen membranes prepared by two-step sintering 2016
The trimer interface in the quaternary structure of the bifunctional prokaryotic FAD synthetase from C. ammoniagenes 2016
Griffiths-like phase and magnetic correlations under pressure of magnetocaloric R5(SixGe1-x)4 (R = Dy, Tb and Gd) 2016
Role of crystal symmetry mismatch in the ferromagnetic state of LaCoO3 epitaxial thin films 2016
Interaction of bile salts with model membranes mimicking the gastrointestinal epithelium: A study by isothermal titration calorimetry 2016
Imaging polar gradients in multiferroic SrMnO3 thin films 2016
Assessing Potential EU Trade Competitiveness from Abolition of the EU dairy Quota 2016
Unconventional Use of FEBID for Non-Standard Applications 2016
Quantum Photonics 2016
Nanoscale constrictions in superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators: attempts to perform circuit QED with small spin ensembles 2016
Simultaneous tracking of Bone Marrow-MSCs migration towards different pathologies. Promise for cancer cell therapies. 2015
Letalidad del virus nueva variante de enfermedad hemorrágica del conejo (RHDVb) y grado de inmunidad cruzada frente a la variante clásica (genogrupo 1). implicaciones epidemiológicas para poblaciones de conejo silvestre. 2015
Magnetic changes of epitaxially strained manganite thin films studied by cryo-electron holography 2015