Titlesort ascending Year
3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro Objects 2007
3D Nanometric Analyses via Electron Tomography: Application to Nanomaterials 2015
3D magnetic induction maps of nanoscale materials revealed by electron holographic tomography 2015
3D Kinematics of High-z Galaxies as Seen Through the Gravitational Telescope 2007
3D analysis of the morphology and spatial distribution of nitrogen in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes by energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy tomogra... 2012
2010 update on the ROSEBUD Project 2010
20 years of human mtDNA pathologic point mutations: carefully reading the pathogenicity criteria. 2009
130Te Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay with CUORICINO 2011
10 años de la Sociedad de la Información en Aragón 2004-2014 2014
1. CUPID-0, challenges and achievements in the struggle of 0-background double-beta decay experiments 2019
-OMICs Technology and Human Reproduction: Reproductomics. 2012
(V)EELS Characterization of InAlN/GaN Distributed Bragg Reflectors 2011
"Recuperación de un daguerrotipo zaragozano. Un retrato del gabinete de Gregorio Sabaté" 2019
“The Rise of Parliamentary Diplomacy in International Politics” 2016
“El pionero de la fotografía, José Zanetti y sus primeras experiencias fotográficas en Roma, según Federico de Madrazo” 2019
­A proactive role of water molecules in acceptor recognition by Protein-O-fucosyltransferase 2. 2016
[Libro:] II Jornadas sobre investigación en historia de la fotografía. 1839-1939: Un siglo de fotografía / II Conference on Research in History of Photography. 1839-1939: A century of photography 2018
X-ray Structures decipher the Non-equivalence of Serine and Threonine O-glycosylation points: Implications for the Molecular Recognition of the Tn Antigen by an anti-MUC1 Antibody. 2015
The closed conformation of the LDL receptor is destabilized by the low Ca++ concentration but favored by the high Mg++ concentration in the endosome. 2016
Structural and magnetotransport properties of Bi thin films grown by thermal evaporation 2010