Title Yearsort ascending
Transport and magnetic study of the spin reorientation transition in the Tb5(Si0.5Ge0.5)4 2005
Down-regulation of normal human T cell blast activation: roles of APO2L/TRAIL, FasL, and c- FLIP, Bim, or Bcl-x isoform expression 2005
GEMS: The Surface Brightness and Surface Mass Density Evolution of Disk Galaxies 2005
Glyco-quantum dots: A new luminescent system with multivalent carbohydrate display 2005
Empirical limits for template-based protein structure prediction: the CASP5 example 2005
Thermodynamic evidence for Ca2+-mediated self-aggregation of Lewis X gold glyconanoparticles. A model for cell adhesion via carbohydrate-carbohydrate interaction 2005
Mouse granulocytes do not express granzyme A, granzyme B and perforin, independent of their activation state: similarities or differences with human polymorphonuclear leukocytes? 2005
Biotecnología aplicada al esquema de selección de la raza caprina de Guadarrama. 2005
Tat-peptide as an efficient molecule to translocate gold nanoparticles into cell nucleus 2005
Human CD8+ T cell blasts are more sensitive than CD4+ T cell blasts to regulation by APO2L/TRAIL 2005
Phase Evolution Induced by Mechanical Milling in Ln2O3:TiO2 Mixtures (A = Gd and Dy) 2005
Observations of AGNs with the 2m telescope of Rozhen observatory: Aims and preliminary results 2005
Synthesis of Disordered Pyrochlores, A2Ti2O7 (A = Y, Gd and Dy), by Mechanical Milling of Constituent Oxides 2005
3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro objects 2005
The Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey (STAGES): probing environmental drivers of galaxy evolution with HST 2005
On the verge of extinction: genetics of the critically endangered Iberian plant species, Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae) and implications for conservation management 2005
Direct application of the INNO-LiPA Rif.TB assay for the rapid identification of M. tuberculosis complex strains and detection of rifampin resistance in 360 smear positive respiratory specimens from an area of high incidence of multi-drug resistant TB 2005
A survey for DLA galaxies with integral field spectroscopy 2005
La sociedad de la información en las Comunidades Autónomas: Aragón 2005
The Evolution of Early-Type Red Galaxies with the GEMS Survey: Luminosity-Size and Stellar Mass-Size Relations Since z=1 2005