Title Yearsort ascending
Synthesis of Disordered Pyrochlores, A2Ti2O7 (A = Y, Gd and Dy), by Mechanical Milling of Constituent Oxides 2005
3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro objects 2005
Direct application of the INNO-LiPA Rif.TB assay for the rapid identification of M. tuberculosis complex strains and detection of rifampin resistance in 360 smear positive respiratory specimens from an area of high incidence of multi-drug resistant TB 2005
On the verge of extinction: genetics of the critically endangered Iberian plant species, Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae) and implications for conservation management 2005
The Evolution of Early-Type Red Galaxies with the GEMS Survey: Luminosity-Size and Stellar Mass-Size Relations Since z=1 2005
A survey for DLA galaxies with integral field spectroscopy 2005
La sociedad de la información en las Comunidades Autónomas: Aragón 2005
GEMS: Which Galaxies Dominate the z~0.7 Ultraviolet Luminosity Density? 2005
Cosmological weak lensing with the HST GEMS survey 2005
Alkenylcarbene Ruthenium Arene Complexes as Initiators of Alkene Metathesis: an Enyne Creates a Catalyst that Promotes its Selective Transformation 2005
Specific functional signature in soil macro-invertebrate biostructures 2005
Raman spectroscopy of boron nitride nanotubes and boron nitride—carbon composites 2005
ITC in the postgenomic era...? Priceless 2005
Functional complement of biogenic structures produced by earthworms, termites and ants in the Neotropical savannas 2005
Hydride-Alkenylcarbyne to Alkenylcarbene Transformation in Bisphosphine-Osmium Complexes 2005
Electron energy loss spectroscopy measurement of the optical gaps on individual boron nitride single-walled and multiwalled nanotubes 2005
N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Osmium Complexes for Olefin Metathesis Reactions 2005
Resonant Raman scattering in cubic and hexagonal boron nitride 2005
Dew points of quaternary ethane + carbon dioxide + water +methanol mixtures. Measurement and modelling. 2005
Optical absorption of the Blue Fluorescent Protein: A first-principles study 2005