Approaching isotropic transfer integrals in crystalline organic semiconductors

Q. Wang, E. J. Juarez-Perez, S. Jiang, M. Xiao, J. Qian, E.-Y. Shin, Y.-Y. Noh, Y. Qi, Y. Shi, Y. Li, Approaching isotropic transfer integrals in crystalline organic semiconductors, Physical Review Materials 2020, 4, 044604.

Dynamic disorders, which possess a finite charge delocalization, play a critical role in the charge transport properties of high-mobility molecular organic semiconductors. The use of two-dimensional (2D) charge transport in crystalline organic semiconductors can effectively facilitate reducing the sensitivity of charge carriers to thermal energetic disorders existing in even single crystals to enhance the carrier mobility. An isotropic transfer integral among adjacent molecules enables a dimensional transition from quasi-one-dimensional to 2D for charge transport among molecules. Herein, a tuned molecular packing, especially molecular rotation, was achieved in highly crystalline organic thin films via a brush-coating method. This tuned molecular packing was favorable for approaching isotropic transfer integrals. Consequently, high-performance organic transistors with a carrier mobility up to 21.5cm2V−1s−1 and low angle dependence were obtained. This work presents a unique modulation of molecular packing at the molecular scale to enable less sensitivity of the charge transport to dynamic disorders, providing an alternative route for enhancing the electrical performance of organic electronic devices.