Determination of Carrier Diffusion Length Using Transient Electron Photoemission Microscopy in the GaAs/InSe Heterojunction

Emilio J. Juarez‐Perez,* Yabing Qi, Phys. Status Solidi B, 2019, 1900126

Carrier diffusion length and lifetime parameters for electron transport at nanoscale semiconductor slabs have been fitted using a 1D model and the decay data extracted from transient photoemission electron microscopy. Meanwhile, a conventional photoluminescence quenching measurement needs two separate samples with an active material between blocking and quenching layers to characterize the carrier transport properties. In this work, only one few‐layer monocrystalline sample of γ‐InSe containing different thicknesses of active material is used to obtain a common diffusion coefficient consistent with previously reported values for vertical carrier diffusion in layered InSe.