ECTACI: European Climatology and Trend Atlas of Climate Indices (1979-2017)

Peña-Angulo D., Reig-Gracia F., Domínguez-Castro F., Revuelto J., Aguilar E., van der Schrier G., Vicente-Serrano S.M. (2020).ECTACI: European Climatology and Trend Atlas of Climate Indices (1979-2017). Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125 (16), e2020JD032798, Doi: 10.1029/2020JD032798

A fundamental key to understanding climate change and its implications is the availability of databases with wide spatial coverage, over a long period of time, with constant updates and high spatial resolution. This study describes a newly gridded dataset and its map viewer “European Climatology and Trend Atlas of Climate Indices” (ECTACI), which contains four statistical parameters (climatology, coefficient of variation, slope and significant trend) from 125 standard climate indices for the whole Europe at 0.25° grid intervals from 1979‐2017 at various temporal scales (monthly, seasonal and annual). In addition, this study shows, for the first time, the general trends of a wide variety of updated standard climate indices at seasonal and annual scale for the whole of Europe, which could be a useful tool for climate analysis and its impact on different sectors and socioeconomic activities. The dataset and ECTACI map viewer is available for free (

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