Nanomaterials For Solar Energy Harvesting

Juarez-Perez , Emilio J.
2nd Sino-Spain Research and Innovation Forum
Participation type: 
Ponencia plenaria e invitada
Comunicación oral
Nanjing/Taizhou (China)

ARAID, Government of Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain
Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA), University of Zaragoza, Spain

Emilio J. Juarez-Perez.

Keywords: emerging photovoltaics; perovskite solar cells; nanocrystals; AgBiS2; solution processed deposition

Energy consumption is rising due to an increased worldwide industrialization and a continuously growing population. Solar energy is a massive, underused, free source of energy. Earth receives solar energy at the rate of 165.000 terawatts of power every moment of every day, enough to fulfil current (approx. 15 TW) and estimated future (60 TW) annual worldwide energy consumption. Photovoltaic solar cells, devices employing semiconductor materials to convert sunlight into electrical power, are already considered as a fundamental technology to supply sustainable, low carbon energy to the world.                
We aim at developing new nanomaterials and nanoarchitectures able to harvest solar power, in a more efficient and sustainable way focusing on nanostructured scaffolds for hybrid perovskite solar cells and environmental friendly colloidal nanocrystals (AgBiS2) for solar energy harvesting.