In-Situ Generated Three Component Ruthenium-Based Catalyst for ROMP

Autores: Ricardo Castarlenas, Inaam Alaoui-Abdallaoui, David Sémeril, Bouchaib Mernari, Salaheddine Guesmi y Pierre H. Dixneuf Ref. revista: New Journal of Chemistry, 27, 6-8, (2003)

The in-situ prepared three component system [RuCl2(p-cymene)]2/1,3-bis(R)-imidazolinium chloride/base (0.5/1/2) catalysesquantitatively the ROMP of cyclooctene at 80 ºC for 20 min. After the activation of this catalytic system by preliminary heating at 80 ºC in chlorobenzene for 1 h, the resulting catalyst was able to polymerise cyclooctene at room temperature. Other ruthenium sources have also been evaluated in similar in-situ prepared systems for ROMP.